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It’s a game to them, the dark-ones/side whom are just low level 4th density entities slaves; steep out of it and raise your consciousness.

These info’s are not meant to create fear but of what is truly happening in this world based on my personal experiences during the awakening process.

This world is not the real world/realm.  This is not where the real experience is taking place.  This is the counterfeit of the real place; this is a backwards, inverted, reflection of the real place.  I know this for a fact because I ascended out of this place and than descended into it, I came down into it at the beginning of the year they are calling 2018.  Don’t believe what anyone tells you because this place is not all there is to this life/experience.  Don’t believe their is only two choices, (left or right, dark vs light) always pick the third choice which is yourself.

This is the month of June in the year they are calling 2018 which is not the correct year because we have been looped backwards and forward so many times from 2013 till now especially 15, 16, 17 that we could be 60/80 years in the so-called future or past; time is an illusion because it’s there but does not exist.  I believe they are resetting the realm because to my innerstanding each simulated realm goes for about 26000 years (the age of each zodiac sign), we are leaving Pisces and moving into Aquarius; this 3rd density simulation is coming to an end that is why you are noticing all the drama with the powers that be and their underground bases, earthquakes, Schumann resonance spikes, strange animal behaviors, solar activities, astrophysics, moon being out all day simultaneously as the sun and moon facing the opposite (left) direction when it has always faced the right, multiple suns and weather changes.  I believe the ascension period is for 7 years, the awakening/portals opened around November/December of 2012 at the end of the Mayan calendar; the transition time is for 7 years (7 physical dimensions you are currently existing on, 7 fractals/chakras to get into alignment to become whole = twin flame = Alchemy) in order to transition which means 2019 is the last year and final destruction leading to 2020 being the beginning of the reset. Some people are counting from the end of 2017 to 2024 as the tribulation period.  The simulation starts all over again (most people won’t even notice depending on which timeline they are in; similar to that of 2012).

There are those who know way more about this process; how many times have we done this over and over again (reincarnate).  What I have heard is that if you miss this window you are sure to come back and repeat this for another 26000 years or more.  Of course this information is kept hidden from the general public and only used by so-called bloodline mother fuckers in their secret societies.   You are living in a complete fabricated lie, everything you have ever been thought is a lie and when they reset this realm while you are still here you will reincarnate into a lie again, again and again.

I’m not even sure if we should be ascending as opposed to descending.  I know for a fact that I came down in density so it makes me question if we should be going up and down the ladder within the same matrix or busting out of the entire matrix from exactly where we are at in this now moment.  When you take a look at all these entities from the other/higher realms who are so desperate to get into a physical vessel/body to carry out their deeds within this 3rd density space; if the last 3 dimensions 3, 4, 5, or 3, 5, 6 (since 4th density is a transitional space) are the most dense, most difficult than how do we know its not counting down from 9.  I’m not interested in going into someone’s else realm/matrix with different sets of rules and guidelines to follow for another 26000 years via trickery.  I want out of the whole damn matrix system; I want out of the backwards, inverted, projected false phantom time matrix.  I want 3rd density to come to a complete shutdown because the false state in which it is being operated is nothing but that of a prison.

I know there is a place where none of this dense, inhumane behavior exist, I’m sure of it; this realm/world is not all there is to it.  This interactive holographic simulation matrix is multiverse; you are living in a multidimensional space which overlays each other similar to that of an onion.  Supposedly there are 24 dimensions; Each layer of onion is a dimension and within each layer/dimension there are multiple (9) realms one can move up and down in.  We are multidimensional beings meaning we are from different star nations having a human experience; this is not our home, we don’t need to fix this artificial realm because it’s not about fixing, its about recognizing it and stepping out of it.  We are not responsible for what the so-called dark ones/side are choosing to do.  We can protect ourselves, bring the dark deeds into the light and show others they don’t have to stay and play in their (dark-one’s) paradigm either, they can step out of that cruelty.  It is a preplanned scripted programmed artificial hologram which can only be shifted by your conscious awareness.  We can’t change anything until we become consciously aware of it.

The majority of what goes on in this realm is used to harvest energy out of us, mostly from fear; it/they/dark-side will play you until you learn to step out of their game. We don’t fight for this realm, we step out of the duality and create our own.  Its most important that you don’t spend a lot of time in the fear factor zone, most important.  This is a lonely journey because when you start to reject the system, the species who are controlling the system and most all within it will attack you and they will go to war against you.  Please stay in your heart even after you come to learn of all the unthinkable things that is and have been done to humanity because the only way you survive this is by staying in your heart not your mind.  Your mind does not belong to you and that is one of the main ways they are going to attack you.  When you feel lost during this process which you will, listen to some motivational spiritual awakening audios for the feel good aspect so don’t buy into everything you hear.  Rearrange and focus on descending into yourself, going within will hopefully help you get back on track because most of the work is done within.  The only way out of here is within.

These are my personal opinions, experiences, and research during my AWAKENING. This is not a space for evidence collecting but that of the all-knowing (the Christ within); that which one does not see but knows it’s there (Christ consciousness/pineal gland/third eye).  As always take what resonate with you and leave the rest.  This journey is individual and will present itself as such; what does not resonate now may at a later time on your journey as this is a discovery in motion.  However, it’s important to be discerning as to which information is beneficial to you in the now moment.

Podcast: TheSoloTraveler  https://anchor.fm/the-solo-traveler

YouTube: TheZeroPoint.co https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuAv8XR57FTzBoZ97c_POgA








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