Seeing through the veil

There was always something wrong about this place, but what and how.   I was never fully asleep, always on the edge.  One foot here and one foot in another space but for the past couple years, starting in 2012 I have been shifting in and out of different realities; it became even more intense in 2014 when the veil was lifted and I started shifting in and out of different dimensions.  When you start waking up which I have done many times (another topic), you see through all the bullshit; the programing, brainwashing, agents of the system, false flag scripts being played, manipulation, corruption, control, abuse on all levels and within all sectors of society, poisoning of our mind, body, air, water, food, vaccine, wireless radiation etc.  I was very angry rightfully so and very vocal about the fact that I/we do not consent to the injustice taking place in this dimension which has gone on way too long.  I have come to learn that as painful as it may be until we step out of the system, its all part of the programs running in 3d.

Consciousness is the sole purpose, hidden secret to this creation process; I say hidden because we live in a dimension where everything is hidden, skewed, backwards, upside down.  Your Christ consciousness determines how you see and experience this place and which dimension, realm, parallel realty you have those experiences in.  We live in a multidimensional space with multiple dimensions, realms, and parallel realties all taking place simultaneously.  Other versions of ourselves are also living in those dimensions, realms, parallel realties and I believe that we are shifting into timelines where based on our individual consciousness, we will be able to speak and interact with those other versions of ourselves.

When you are going through this awakening process, it dissolves all aspect of who you are or who you think you are.  For me working my way through the anger was the most difficult part, dark night of the soul as it is called.  When you have been a rebel in just about every lifetime you have lived and have fought in galactic wars, its a humbling experience to realize that the ultimate fight is in fact with yourself; the only way out of here is within.  Regardless of what you think this place is (matrix game, simulation or holographic principle), the end game is still the same; to truly see this place, to wake up and see through the veils and transition in-between, one must go within and do/be the exact opposite of what 3d is programing you to be – heart consciousness.  This awakening process is a journey of infinite discoveries; I rather look forward to skating on Jupiter’s rings as opposed to this continuing cycle of waiting to find out who’s going to be arrested next in the puppet arena.

I am the one* with the build in camera and microphone so I never felt the need to have a social media platform because what I see is seen by all and when I speak is heard by all.  However there is a part of me that wonders if all includes all or just the ones who are aware; I’m pretty positive its all but either way, here are some thoughts.  Also when you are me and you can hear through the veils, there are 3rd/4th dimensional nonsensical human behavior going on, projecting; I will project my own light, thank you.

*All of which led to me waking up*
*If you live it than its the Truth*

Thanks for joining me!



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