Climbing Jacob’s Ladder

I am not one who believes in the heaven and hell concept when it comes to this creation process.  The whole idea that we came here just to follow rules in a little black book written by men without questioning it, wait for death and then judgment and then go to either heaven where you picnic in the Garden of Eden for eternity or hell where you burn for eternity makes absolutely no sense to me.  If you believe in heaven and hell then consider yourself to be in hell, this dimension is hell and the upper realms are the heavens.  “In the beginning God created the heavens (multiple) and the earth (one)”.

Jacob dreamed of angels ascending and descending from heaven to earth; Jesus said, you will see heaven opened, and the angels of God ascending and descending on the son of man.  My perception of these two passages from the Bible is that they are metaphors about all alien races (humans included) and that of the spiritual realms ascending and descending from dimension to dimension; higher conscious awareness takes you into a higher dimension leading to Christ consciousness, enlightenment or a better grasp on the game.  We are now in a time where this is going to be even more evident, timelines are shifting.  The best example I can give which more people would be able to relate to would be that of the Mandela effect, which is just you shifting in and out of different realities (Berenstein vs  Berenstain Bears).  My experience has shown me that we are in a multidimensional space with infinite parallel realities which overlays each other; it’s not a place you travel to in a car, plane, or train, it’s all within the same space but not.  Think of earth or this universe as a onion bulb, each layer is a dimension overlaying each other and the white slippery translucent scale in between each layer are the veils that keeps one from seeing that dimension.  Until one Wakes Up out of this reality/matrix program/system and see it for what it truly is we will not be able to see what else exist beyond this point.

This creation process is an evolution, its not a live, die, end of existence.  My believe is that this ladder/dimensions/grades (1st to 12th) concept is so that the soul which is having a human experience would be able to experience all possibilities of existence/emotions.  The soul or interchanging soul groups would transition from the 1st grade up to the 12th gradually at its/their own individual learning pace.  If you think of this matrix as a game, its still the same concept; you move from one level to the next based on your comprehension of each level with some exceptions.  Exceptions being that you can buy your way up to a certain point, that’s why there is no difference between consciousness in people in the 3rd/4th dimension; now you know why less than one percent of the population is hugging all the resources in this realm.

We each have or should have the capability to access and transition in between these dimensions based on the inner work that’s done.  I say should have because our dimensions have been held captive by dark forces for a long, long time keeping souls who have already done the inner work from transitioning into the upper realms, trapped and repeating the reincarnation process over and over at the same level for centuries; anyone with eyes can see this.  It has gotten so bad because the corruption goes up into the higher realms, its not just in the 3rd/4th; I tapped into this two years ago when I was screaming about the injustice taking place in multiple realms.  How can souls defend themselves/overcome against something/one in the higher realms, they can’t; its almost impossible.  Almost because we have now come to a end of an era; moving into the ear/age of Aquarius, the age of knowledge/lifting of the veils, innovation/free energy and freedom from false Gods, structures, old rulers, systems and paradigms.  More people are waking up and becoming consciously aware.  We are now moving into/creating a new phase of this creation process even though it looks like things are worsening depending on which perspective you are coming from; the world is coming to an end, at least the old world which creates possibilities for those who are ready, willing and wanting to climb Jacob’s ladder.

*All of which led to me waking up*
*If you live it than its the Truth*

Thanks for joining me!





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