Illusion of Privacy and Freedom

Now that we know for a fact we are living in a multidimensional space with different levels and infinite parallel realities, the phrase “God is always watching you” from my experience means you are always being watched by the human Gods in the higher realms excluding the spiritual for now.  My opinion is that God lives within you, not outside of you.  When the Christ within (pineal gland/third eye) ignite/lights up, you start the awakening process.  The veil is lifted at a certain level and you start to see things for what they truly are; there are many stages to waking up/being awake.  There is a very small group of people called TI’s (target individuals) within this realm who start this process form the moment they are born into this place and experience an enormous amount of targeting throughout their lives.  It is a known fact amongst everyone except for the TI’s themselves that they are going to wake up at a crucial point and create a change within the system so obstacles are created right after birth to instill fear, a sense of powerlessness and to monitor them.

Most everyone participate in this targeting including people in their own genetic families.  The targeting becomes even more intense during the actual awakening process; phones and computers are tapped, electronic harassment, energy weapons, mind control, character assassination, prevention from making a living than prosecuted for not being able to make a living, gang stalkers (neighbors, friends, businesses, so-called God loving humans) etc.  These TI’s are different than the ones selected later in life and targeted by different government programs for specific reasons but are also subject to those programs as well and declared “enemy of the state” once they start speaking out against the insidious unjustified crimes being carried out by governments and countries; multiple countries are working together in these programs.  At this point during the awakening process you are lit up and seeing the truth of everything and everyone; I am using TI’s to explain things because I have personally experience all of the things I am speaking about and this is just a snipped of what happens to real TI’s.  Make no mistake this is not a pity party but facts of my journey thus far; because my journey is public knowledge, has been so vicious and most people in the Americas and around the world have been participating in it, I am the perfect example to use.  During this process you come to learned that privacy is nonexistent.  I also have a built-in camera (eyes) and microphone (mouth).

So, the Gods I am speaking of are the people in the higher realms whom have access to viewing the lower realms.  All of us in the 3rd/4th dimension are in the entertainment section of this process; we are their reality show.  When you get a feeling that you are being watched is because you are.  A lot of TI’s have experience situations where people have repeated things to them that were said in private as a means of mocking them but once you realize they are just agents of the system and participants in one of those sub groups, they become ineffective.  There are also the one’s whom have deemed themselves rulers of those in the lower realms and target specific individuals for their own purposes as well as use bribe for illegally means.  Remember that we live in spaces (3rd/4th) where the common sense, morality and conscious awareness is very, very low.

There have been many situations in recent years trying to show us that there is in fact no such thing as privacy on this physical plane.  Not just through Edward Snowden, WikiLeaks or different forms of individual accounts being hacked but also with celebrities sex tapes, now weather the celebrities were aware of this or not is beside the point.  Everything is a reflection of our lives in this place and this was just another way the system was reflecting back to us what was truly happening.  The entertainment industry is usually used as a means to point things out to the general public.  For the majority of my life I would always get dressed in the closet with the lights off.  I had no idea why I was doing this but obviously my subconscious was very aware of the situation I was in; the thing is now that I know all of this I frankly don’t give a damn in regards to who’s watching or not.

I have come to learn that all of this is about consciousness; there is more to this place than what the eyes can see, we are blinded when we come into this system.  You are known because your Akashic records can be viewed.  They know who you are and what you stand for; you can only pull from above, you can’t pull people down if they are below you.  Once you start becoming aware and see things and people for what they truly are, you realize that power/fear is an illusion they have sold us.  The power lies in knowing the truth of what this process is, where we (souls) come from and where we are headed and how to maneuver our way through it.  So, for the one’s being targeted obviously you have something the system wants and don’t want the rest of the collective to find out about.  You probably carry a specific code that can activate/awakens others within your space which changes the grid.

*All of which led to me waking up*
*If you live it than its the Truth*

Thanks for joining me!



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