The Second Coming of Christ

We are now in a time they call the harvest, the end times.  There seems to be a split of those who are noticing a difference and those who are just carrying on as if nothing is happening; it is by design.   Many christens will tell you that this is the end of the world and Jesus is coming so you must repent.  It may very well be true that it’s the end of this world however, the second coming of Christ is very different than what most people are expecting.  Christ the man has already come and delivered the messages that was needed for the rest of us to continue on our journey, he has already been here and is not coming back in the physical form.  The truth is Christ never left, it is within each individual, it’s not separate from you; it’s the essence of who you are, the light/soul/seed within you is that of the Christ.  We and Jesus are one.  So, the second coming of Christ is the Great Awakening; it is the Christ (pineal gland) within individuals igniting to show us the truth of this world and the other realms, dimensions that exist beyond this point.  To see the real owners of this world in all their wickedness; who conceals the truth of it and of who we are in order to use, abuse, and control us within it.  It is waking up out of the illusion/sleep we have been in our whole lives; starting to see who we truly are.  The second coming of Christ is already in motion and has always been.  Jesus: “My kingdom is not of this world”, I am in this world but not apart of it.

We are living in a realm that is not real; it is not the real experience.  It is a fake  projected virtual reality of some sort.  There are higher dimensions where the real experience is to be had.  This so-called 3rd dimensional space is most likely projected from the 4th dimension; the entertainment section where everything is scripted and coordinated, nothing that happens in this place is by coincidence; there are agents/secret societies carrying out these scripts for their masters as it was all planed from the beginning.  We are also looping in this realm and I know this to be true from personal experience.  We are essentially in a ongoing movie that loops when it gets to the end which takes souls back into the soul cages for another round of reincarnation.  The one’s who run this realm obviously have an incentive to keep us all asleep from the truth of this creation process we are in as a means to keep us looping back into this projected realm, otherwise it and their power would cease to exist.  So, one can see why the programs running in this realm religious or otherwise is not to our benefit and must be question.

In my opinion Christian don’t ask enough questions or take time to go seeking on their own but that is true of people in all religions and walks of life; there is too much blind faith, obedient given to the Church’s, Masses, Temples, Preachers, religious holy books and so called history.  All religions seem to have very similar if not the same storyline for their messiah which is the first red flag but its usually overlooked.  Regardless of which religion one is in, at some point one starts to see the missing links and gaps in the storylines; what makes sense verse what doesn’t.  I believe holy scriptures have a vast amount of knowledge that can teach us a lot about ourselves, past, and future if it is read, decoded and perceived correctly; I am also aware that for the amount of truth in these holy books equals the amount of misleading information to create confusion because that’s the name of the game; a little bit of truth to suck you in mix with misleading information to keep you spinning with dizziness never to discover the full story.  Babylon equals Babel equals Bible equals confusion.  The God’s of this artificial world: I’m not sure if there is a difference between God, Jehovah, YHVH, Satan, or Lucifer; it seems to me they are all on the same team.  To me the puppet master is pulling the strings in all aspect of this realm.  Yes, I do believe there is a Jesus coming however, it is an impersonator, a fake Jesus to continue the masquerade and lead more soul groups into soul cages for the next round of this artificial game.

*All of which led to me waking up*
*If you live it than its the Truth*

Thanks for joining me!




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