If You Have Found This Site

If you have found this site you are most likely seeking information to make sense of what is happening to you.  You are going through what they have coin an AWAKENING; there are many different kinds of awakening as we are not all the same and different phases.  I personally had multiple things happening at the same time; awakening experiences plus severe attacks (TI, gang stalking, character assassination, directed energy weapons, etc.) and interference (electronics, phone taps, etc.)  from the System, spiritual world/other dimensions and humans participating in sub groups, programs within 3rd/4th density space. Everyone will throw in their stone, not because they have negative entities in them but because that’s who they truly are; you were just in an illusion before and couldn’t see the truth.  They think/know you are leaving this world so they feel like it’s a free for all; that’s how this “awakening” process has always gone.  This is not the first time we have done this, you are being hunted that’s why it’s called the Hunt.  It’s just the process; nobody wants you to be free except for that of your soul.

There are those in this realm whom are here solely to follow the deceptive scripts so that you and other like you will follow in suit without questioning anything; they are called agents of the system and they live next door to you.  Remember, you are in a scripted hologram and all the characters are playing their parts.  Everything will be hidden from you including people so you don’t ask the right questions which would lead to you finding answers.  You will constantly be surrounded by agents of the system; most people will purposefully do things/trickery/mean-spirited to trigger you and prevent you from transitioning; just meeting your basic living needs (food, gas, shelter) will become impossible on your own but will show up in others like your parents and siblings.  All done by design.

Each person is going to be experiencing it differently; some will be awakening to information such as Consciousness, An all-knowing (becoming whole), Mandela effect, Religion, Spirituality, Multi-dimensions, Elementals, true meaning of Astrology, Demigods, Aliens (we are all aliens masquerading as humans, they are amongst us, below us, above us and in other dimensions, planets, star systems), Alien abductions/Hybrids, Government control programming, Mars/secret space program, Distortion of his-story, Poisoning of our environment/food/water/land/vaccines, Human trafficking (most high-profile charitable organizations are just a front), Pedophile rings, Satanic ritual abuse/churches, Deep State/Cabal, Elite agenda of world control and all the distortion of this realm.  Then there are the ones like ME whom experience it all and more.

I write from the prospective of what you are going to be experiencing during this process, not from an enlightened Buddha mountain; don’t seek to become a Buddha, seek healing.  Your goal during this process is to heal yourself of all these artificial programs that have been forced unto you during this life cycle and past lives traumas.  We are all fractalize in this 3D realm that is why we unintentionally allow ourselves to be manipulated.  Don’t chase enlightenment, it’s not something you catch it’s a place you end up.




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