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The game: meaning you live in a dualistic holographic simulation matrix with good guys and bad guys; yes, most are in teams.  Your goal is to not fall for either one; there are many who see this strictly as a game. Know what it is, know who’s who, but stay neutral (does not mean you don’t speak your truth about what you consider injustice).  You will find info if you are being seen in this way beyond the veil; most “testers” find themselves involved somehow weather they know it or not.

The realm you are living in makes no sense because it’s not suppose to; Not to you anyway.  NO, you are not crazy or going crazy, you are Living in what I believe to be a Scripted HOLOGRAPHIC SIMULATED MATRIX (there have been interference in the script) and you (your avatar) have just been activated or you have been experiencing this for many years but haven’t been able to find information that resonate.  Everyone around you is following a script (whether they know it or not) and playing a part except for the ones like you (testers). There have been massive interference within these dimensions meaning the 3rd and 4th from my experience thus far but it seems like it goes up high into the other realms as well. I believe the one’s who are trying to control us within these realms have done things such as 9/11 to rewrite the plot of this hologram many, many times to suit their agenda. The hologram is alive in the sense that it shifts and mold based on the consciousness of the beings in it; all is interconnected.

You are a multidimensional being living in a matrix with infinite parallel realities within each dimension.  I believe there are 7 physical dimensions plus the spiritual realms meaning you are living simultaneously on those other 6 different realms as you are currently in this 3rd density space. Yes, there are 7 of you living simultaneously in different realms.  I believe your goal during these 7 year transitional phase is to collect all the other 6 fractals of yourself; 7 physical dimensions, 7 chakras, 7 fractals, 7 sealed scrolls, etc. to become whole. You need to become whole in order to leave 3rd density because in this space we are fractalized and therefore do not know our true selves.  That is why we are so easily manipulated and buy into all of these made up rules, structures, gods, religions and his-story.

This realm makes no sense to you and throughout your life you may have been prosecuted, ostracized, bullied, abused, had gossip and lies spread about you by strangers, co-workers, friends and even family for no reason as I was.  That’s because there is no reason, the point is the e-motion you feel from these behaviors because you put them into motion; what you feel, you belief and create, you are the creator. There does not need to be a reason; these are the things that needs to be healed in this lifetime.  Stay true to your spirit and don’t allow people to manipulate you because 99% of those you come into contact with during this (7 years or so of transition) window will have an agenda. What People Say About You Is None Of Your Business; do whatever you feel you need to do to survive this phase because they will behave like nasty little hyenas, make no mistake.

During this time you are the one looking for answers/jobs/places to live etc. since you will most likely have a knowing to go to a different geographic location; JUST GO regardless of your situation.  If you don’t know anyone or don’t have the funds don’t worry, just start with what you have because what you need will show up when you need it. You can unknowingly allow your kindness to be taking for weakness; any favor someone does for you during this time, even giving you the name of the grocery store in the new area will lead to them collecting somehow, getting paid which comes out of your account; the one you don’t know about or have access to.  They will be collecting points, getting paid or getting kickbacks for spreading lies, making things up, taking you places or suggesting a business, product and anything else suggested. Most everyone around you will be participating in these programs.

DON’T STOP or TURN BACK regardless of the changes taking place in your environment; just keep going as you will be shifting in and out of different realities, realms and dimensions.  I’m not sure where you should be going but trust yourself because only you know; stick to your passions especially if they are creative because you are going to need a base and your imagination is the best resource in this realm.  There will be communication with spirit/twin (I don’t know what else to call it), make the best decision for yourself base on the information you get. There is a lot of information on the internet but information does not equal knowledge.  Most of the information you find will be misleading or it’s not for you; there are many different awakenings happening during this 7 year transition period at the end of each hologram cycle/ each astrological age. The ending of the world, The rapture, The end times, Judgment day,  Two world split; they all mean the same thing, splitting of consciousness.


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