Suppressing Consciousness

It’s all about suppressing the truth from you the beings whom occupied this realm, this realm is the counterfeit of the real place; Never Forget It, this is not the real place.  We are at the end of the plotline in this matrix and the realm is being restructure, reset to start again; this has been going on since the end of 2012.  Also known as the time of ascension/descending when beings are shifting in between realities and dimensions to be settled based on where their consciousness reside.  And their have been a lot of  interference especially if you hold a very high frequency since that affects the whole of the collective.  Most people haven’t or won’t even notice it depending on their awareness and which timeline they are in.  But this is the whole point of the Great Awakening, to get more people to step out of the Game (world Drama) and see the truth of what’s really going on.  Is the truth really being suppress from us or have we been so brainwashed, programmed, dumb down by the powers that want to be that we can’t see the truth even though its right in front of us.  Take a look at the past couple years and in this now moment of the things that are happening, some are questioning the obvious non-explainable while most just go along; whenever someone questions the narrative, they are immediately attack and shutdown all of which is done purposefully to keep the plotline of the script moving as planed.

Spiritual/psychic warfare is the name of the Game, suppressing consciousness and stealing energy because that’s how they control the game (your environment) as well as controlling you.  I use the word “GAME” because I know that’s how the powers that want to be see’s it whether in this realm or beyond.  It’s all energy, consciousness, vibrating at a specific frequency but this is why our environments are design the way they are.  Your energy is stolen directly out of you and replace with negative energy all the time so is your creative ideas.  Like poor neighborhoods kept poor to keep the vibration low so they can suck energy out of people through religions and gods they present for them to choose from; they think these are their only choices and pick one than become confused, bounded by their rigid rules and spend their whole life in this realm worshiping false gods, teachings, doctrines as oppose to working on their own consciousness.  I believe there is a Creator, builder however, I don’t think any of the gods that have been presented to us and the distorted teachings is that of the real Creator or the truth of the real Creator intended for our progression in and out of this realm.  The creator created these gods the same way you and I came to be.

We are living in a hologram; a multidimensional matrix that overlays each other with infinite parallel realities, the dimensions are structure in levels (3rd, 4th, 5th,etc.) similar to that of most video games; think “Mario brothers” which is probably why its seen and called a game by some in this realm.  The ones beyond the veil (archons, demigods, whomever) are perpetuating this because that’s how they see it/us and are watching us in this realm for entertainment purposes; what you call a sky is the head of the camera, as are your eyes depending on who you are and no ladies and gentleman you don’t have any privacy; privacy is just an illusions like everything else in this place, it does not exist.  The beings in the realm above you have access to watching, hearing all in the lower realms.  Beyond the veil: They sit in a giant Roman Colosseum as they watch us react to the different scenario injected into the script by the different characters whom occupied this realm with us and cheer or boo like a sports game. I use the phrase “Good guy, Bad guy” because they are just the puppets carrying out the scripts for the ones beyond the veil.

If you don’t like what is happening in this realm and most of us don’t; don’t want to continue to live in a lie which is what this place is than raise your consciousness and help others do the same through awareness so that everyone can shift into a parallel reality (that’s what the great awakening has been about) or move up a level into a different dimension; the higher up the dimension you go the less restrictions from the powers that want to be you have to deal with just like in video games.  If we continue to think in the ways we have been program, we will never see the outside of the Rubik’s cube.  Remember, this is their home turf regardless of what you think or have been told, they have the upper hand of power in this 3rd and 4th density space because most people don’t know what this realm is and I don’t think they are able to reside in 5th density frequency.  Whenever one gets close, something is changed in the script for good or bad, Deja vu.  Just like in the film “The Matrix” whenever you experience Deja vu is because something has changed in the script on the world stage or just within your script, I know this for a fact because I have been experiencing it.  I have been looping for many years now without anything making sense.  It feels like my memories are being reset during this process as well.  Everyone around me just keep playing along to their scripts.

Those whom possess all the power don’t know of it and therefore are played and molded like play-doh by creating what the powers that want to be desires.  It’s all scripted and being played out as planed and the middleman, the racketeers (shadow government) are the characters in this realm whom are told when, how and what to inject into the script.  Most or all world governments are working together but put on a show for you the people to think otherwise.  And they have the majority of the population marching in the direction they want them to march towards.  The majority of the population are focus on linear time, 3 dimensional things like mine country vs your country, democrats vs republicans, Christians vs Muslim, what’s mine vs what’s yours but in the end, all of these are manufacture, done by design and control by the same Hand.


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