#WalkAway: #WhatsBetter

I came across a movement called WalkAway recently which is so-called liberals “waking up” and leaving the democratic camp/tribe/side/political affiliation. I am Happy that more people are starting to wakeup and see things that does not resonate with their true feelings and/or how/what they want in their lives.  However, walking out of one energy sucking racketeer group just to walk across the street and join another one to me says you are missing the giant elephant in the middle of the street.  If you are starting to see things you consider wrong within the democratic party than come to know that you will find those same things wrong within the republican party just packaged a little different.  Once you start to see the illusion of one party, look at the other option you are given, than take a steep back and look at the whole thing they call “government”.  Ask yourself what it is, how it came to be and why only two choices for the people to pick from.  Well, because there is in fact no choice, there is no such thing as a republican or a democrat, just the illusion of it; they don’t care who you pick just as long as you pick one because either group you go with leads to the same Master.  They just want you to feel like you matter so you will freely give your power/authority over to someone/thing else to rule over you.  It’s the craft of duality.

If you do a little research, you will come to find that there is in fact no such thing as a government.  It is a mad up system/structure that was put together by Freemasons as a means to manipulate, control and govern over the population.  Freemasonry is a group, system and secret societies that was put together by a group of what you would call elite man of their time; they came into a great amount of knowledge of Who We Are and what this Place is we are Living In, this place you call Earth.  These secret societies have been operating/ruling this realm from within the undercurrent for eons.  When they came into this knowledge, the decision had to be made; do we tell the people/population and help each other work our way out of this or use it for ourselves to gain and rule the people/population by controlling them.  What do you think their decision was?

There is no such thing as a government, it’s a business, a corporation; it’s not made to help you, its made to use you, to rule and regulate your movement and progression in this place.  Every time you participate/vote in an election you are freely giving your power away; you are saying I am incapable of ruling myself, making decisions for myself so I am giving over my authority to the person I am electing to make all life decisions for me and I will honor all the decisions they make for the next 4/8 years.  Your so-called government isn’t even apart of your country.  The government is located in a section of Washington DC call the District of Columbia which is a sovereign state in and of itself; it is not apart of the Americas.  All that is done within the District of Columbia is not subject to the so-called laws of that of the Americas.  So, all of the crimes that are being committed by those within the government cannot and will not be subject to the laws of the country it resides in.  The District of Columbia, Vatican City and London are all sovereign cities in and of themselves and cannot be held accountable by law for what takes place on their grounds; a triangle marriage of world power.  Ask yourself, Who owns your Strawman, who owns the Federal Reserves System.

So, if you want to WalkAway, by all means WalkAway from it all.  WalkAway from the 3 dimensional drama of the world political systems.  Stop thinking from a linear stand point that politics is the only thing happening that will affect your life.  Think Galactic because that’s where we are at right now in this evolution.  Learn about what is outside of the space/realm you are living in.  Stop looking to Big Brother, look above and below; you are sandwich in between worlds you know nothing about.  Instead connect with other people around you, create communities if you can, collaborate with others and build gardens and other forms of exchanges that does not involve the so-called government.  Look within yourself because that’s where the real truth you are looking for resides.


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