Kali Yuga, Mind Control & Fake Jesus

This is all a mind game and the new weapon being used is that of a holographic mind control one.  Spiritual warfare, mind control warfare.  It’s all mind control even this ascension process is awakening the mind, spirit, soul consciousness and unplugging the mind out of the web of the matrix system.  There is going to be a second coming of the character Esu (Jesus).  I used to think that they were going to bring in an actual being representing the character of ESu but now that I have learned quite a bit more I believe it’s going to be a holographic representation in the sky of the character of Esu.

Chemtrails are not just created to poison all that lays below it but its made of chemicals that foster an environment for holographic presentations which is how they are going to present fake Esu and many other illusions to the people in my opinion; maybe even an alien invasion however, I now believe the alien invasion was that of the migrants flooding to the US from Mexico.  You can’t leave your left hand behind and think you are prospering.  I do also believe that it is going to be an individual thing in that whichever God one worships is going to be presented to them via a holographic image with messages or instructions to each individual.  This makes me a little nervous because given my experience with holographic environment’s it’s really hard for one to get their bearings in these situations and for those who are not even plug into this awakening evolution process we are currently going through, it’s going to create a state of chaos given people’s strict religious beliefs.

And if their plan is divide and conquer as it’s usually is than its going to be a religious war.  How I see this is that the one’s who created the worshipping of false Gods, strict religious rules, belief systems, right and wrong, good and bad are now going to demolish that concept and present the opposite for the new hologram/being/age that this is moving into.  It’s basically just the opposite of what we have now.  Think of this in the same way you think of Democrats (deme-gods) and Republicans (reptilian) which is 8 years on and 8 years off; the same hand controlling both teams.  It’s the same concept, Kali Yuga: the dark age, strife, discord, quarrel or contention, the hot-bed of sin, men and women are all steeped in unrighteousness and act accordingly To Satya Yuga: the era of truth, the purest ideal which humanity will allow intrinsic goodness to rule supreme; the golden age.

This hologram is coming to an end, the being we are in is leaving; Lucifer is leaving and we are moving into a different being.  We have been in Lucifer which is why there is a lot of people representing the Luciferian energies down here because whomever you are in will have more of them self in it vs not; that is why we have been fighting an uphill battle because Luciferians equals patriarchal dark age, greed, corruption, starvation, genocide, rape, mind control, Lies of holographic universe, authorities, false Gods, pedophilia, trafficking, murder, harvesting energies, corporation earth, patent simulated sun/moon, satanic rituals, dark magic, dark witchcraft,  hidden knowledge/false knowledge, DNA manipulation, kidnapping/killing humans for genetic studies, shift shifting manipulations, false flags, time manipulation, controlling/abusing children souls for multi-dimensional travel, hidden space program, mars programs, super solider programs, MK Ultra monarch/kitten/lion, hidden species, trading/selling children in this and other realms for sexual meansssssssssssssssssssssss. 



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