Civilized Web Of Sexual Entanglement

At my awakening activation, these were the first images and all-knowing that flooded my vision, mind, heart and emphasized the rage, pain and deep sorrow I had collected and carried around my whole life in this realm.  The topic of sexual abuse; trafficking, pedophilia, rape and sex slavery is not often spoken about in popular media but is where the majority of the fiat that’s circulating in this realm comes from.  It’s the one thing that is so prevalent in all areas of society especially so-called high-profile civilized industries, organizations and secret societies; the Government, Hollywood and Vatican City are the main controlling hubs of these dark acts.  There have been many brave souls whom have lived, researched, investigated and spoken out about these acts but to no avail; they have been murdered, falsely imprison and/or their career and lives completely decimated while these horrific acts being done to innocent souls persist and the controlling facet of these realms continues their reign.  According to the one’s who know (are or were apart of theses groups) the illuminati Rothschild cabal families whom are controlling the Americas, the freemason brotherhood whom are controlling Europe, the Bahai’s whom are in charge of the military industrial complex, education and religion and/or including the 5 pentagon races whom are running this dimension as a corporation and most world leaders whom are working with entities from other dimensions for “interdimensional technologies” they can use against the people to keep themselves in power.

This isn’t about dualistic blaming, separating or punishment but about bringing the truth to the surface.  The one’s whom have been participating in these dark acts knowingly needs to face their actions; killing babies, drinking the blood and eating the flesh for the harvesting of energy, gaining power and looking younger.  Participating in and allowing the kidnapping of people from national parks for sexual genetics experiments; raping and harvesting eggs in astral and creating children for soul traps and slavery.  Humanity cannot progress on a conscious level by avoiding the crimes that have been and is still taking place in this realm especially crimes of this nature because there is a string that connects us all in this realm and/or previous which are still in progress since everything is simultaneous.  If we have been infected by a virus than the virus needs to be eradicated.  We live in a realm where everything is backwards, purposely hidden, distorted and a complete lie until one gets to a certain conscious level to be able to see through it.  Based on spiritual teachings, information and knowledge from different cultures, religions and previous cycles we are now entering a state of consciousness where the truth of what has truly been going on can finally come to the surface for cleansing and release not just for ourselves but also for the souls whom endure these pains.

Ritual Abuse Cannibalism, Human Spiritual Slavery and Degradation, The Holographic Universe and Non-Human Entities:

Interdimensional Parasites, The “Imaginary Entities”, Child Abuse and Advanced Technology:

MK Ultra mind control slave victim testimony: Cathy O’Brien:   Book:…

Hollywood/Music Industries SRA Survivors, Kristy Allen:

Ritual Child Sexual Abuse involving Politicians, Mind-Control Spiritual Enslavement, Celebrity Cloning and Holographic Simulated Realities:

Ritual Child Sex Abuse Expose in Schools/Churches:


These kinds of abuse isn’t just about sickos, secret societies or deities worshiping, its goes fare beyond these realms within the 3rd/4th dimension.  It involves the entities, super intelligent from the other realms invading these realms and violating every natural law that was ever put into place to protect the souls here.  A free-will realm in my opinion is when every soul is fully aware of whom they are, where they came from, what they are doing in that realm and where they are headed; having ones memory wiped and placed in a quarantine artificial construct with controllers whom have full awareness of themselves and the construct as well as residing in a higher realm (4th) which gives access to all that lives below is nothing but an underworld prison.  Now it seems as if humanity in this Game Construct has a chance to bring things back into balance, zero point before moving into the next phase.  If souls are not given the chance to wake-up, confront and heal, the light/dark scenario will continue to permeate forever.  In my opinion duality will continue in the lower realms because apparently that’s the point of this whole thing; living in a state of duality until one consciousness is risen to a point where they can see past the dualistic aspect of this creation and know that they are apart of it all.  Stay in forgiveness and love.


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