Frequency Mind Control, Timeline Manipulation and Mind-wipe

Throughout this whole year they are calling 2018, I have been dealing with mind control of the frequency kind, interference with my ascension via manipulating manifestation to control which timeline I end up in as well as some form of disruption in concentration.  Within two weeks of me coming down into this realm from high 4th density space, the extraction of the internal God Self (Christos code) started and manipulation of my mind; I am mentioning the timeframe because I believe its significant in terms of timeline jumping.  If you do decide to go down into a lower realm or dimension for some reason, the timeframe you have is two weeks before the system is able to recognize your energetic signature again and start accessing your internal circuit board in my opinion.

I made the decision to come back down after my activation which ascended me into the 4th dimension as it’s the transitional space into the upper dimensions to help my mother through her ascension; I know we made a soul contract before coming into this realm that I would come through her to help her during this time and that she would carry the burden of the first half of her/our life.  She got messages from the gatekeepers that I was coming back before I even got here.  I am also mentioning this because while our earthly families have nothing to do with our real soul families and some come to beings they have killed in other lives or even their enemies to prevent them from accomplishing their mission, sometimes you come to those whom you have made a contract with to help each other along the path.

The extraction of the internal God self  was the first and most horrific significant act that happen after those two weeks and my entire life.  It happen during sleep time; I could feel them stripping the internal God self which is my real essence out of me.  For about a week I would wake up in the middle of the night with remanence of my real self that was being extracted and recognizing that vs my avatar vessel.  I could feel my internal God self fighting to stay in but slipping away.  This is the most excruciating painful situation one could ever experience because once you come to know your real internal God self anything other than that is insufficient, obviously; same goes for the real place vs the artificial counterfeit place of the entire 3rd, low 4th dimension.  Reason why I could not leave within/before those two weeks is I did not have any resources and everyone I contacted seemed to be unable to offer any help and also my mother was terrified of me leaving her because she was and had been under sever attacks as well.

I was able to leave after 5 months but the blockages were enormous.  It felt like I could not integrate nor find any knowledge or get any messages out.  I was also under severe attack from/through my mother whom was in her rage, purging phase and being used to attach me as well as she was being gaslighting, gang stalked and sever psychic attacks through others in our environment.  We were living out of my van which means she was with me 24/7 and afraid to be separated from me.  Throughout the whole summer starting from May through end of September I was also in a frequency lucid dream state meaning that I was not in this reality (3rd,4th) nor was I in any other reality; I was basically floating in time, realms and densities.

In October I started to experience things disappearing as well as being implanted into my mind.  First I recognize my intense focus on keeping abuse practices especially that of the sexual kind (trafficking, pedophilia, satanic rituals) in the light disappeared out of my mind for about a week and a half before I notice when I came across an article about Harvey Weinstein.  After that I dealt with some suggested programing as well as started to have specific ideas, locations, businesses implanted into my mind which blocked out everything else.  I could not think past these specific ideas, locations or business; everything else was blocked and I could see they were implanted and not mine.  Even my choices were being interfered with, they were trying to control my choices by making me disinterested in things I was purposely picking to give my attention to but I saw through that really quick and used meditational videos as a means to refocus.  I believe this was being done to have me manifest a false timeline, to get me into a specific timeline; it may have worked.

On October 18, 2018 around 9pm at night I was listening to an audio I did on the differences between MK ULTRA and an Awakening because I recognized the fake/popular media using divide and conquer tactics against those in the public eye whom were awakening and starting to speak out.  I had to step away for about 20 minutes and when I came back my phone screen was all black with large capital letters saying “MIND CONTROL” across the screen, I stared at it for about a minute and touch the screen to scroll down incase there were more messages but it just disappeared.  That night going into the 19th during dream state I astro traveled back to a time when the internal God self, the Christo DNA was active in me and I was truly myself; I could feel my real self vs my current state of being.  I knew the message was telling me that I and my awakening/ascension process was being interfered with.  At the end of October the “spiritual realm” was giving out titles (careers/missions) so given what I was picking up telepathically it looked like while the ascension train is going down the tracks they just pull out a cargo bin, through me in it and send me to the side.

At the beginning of November 2018 there was a shift  and a lot of people ascended to a higher realm/state; the realm I ended up in I started to see and hear the people around me celebrating saying “she’s going back to sleep, Yey! we got you now, we got you now), my mother was also hearing this telepathically.  From the 1st to the 9th more things disappeared out of my mind including my personality especially the caring part that was always thinking of others.  The night of November 10th going into the 11th which was called an  11-11-11 portal, my mind was extremely active all night; I was fighting in the high 4th dimension which is where we usually go during dream time in my opinion.  It was a mental fight and I knew as I woke and went back to sleep during the night.  The next morning I knew that I was in court in the 4th dimension pleading my case because they were going to wipe my mind; they were going to wipe my mind completely that’s why even my personality was disappearing.  I was so, so angry; after everything I have been through for them to even think of wiping my mind.  Them meaning the one’s coordinating the ascension process because while I believe I have had mind control interference from others possibly “the grays” from speaking with someone in July, this was related to the ascension process given the court situation.  On the 15, 16 and 17th of November I was able to integrate how some of these situations might be related to the collective in terms of what is to come.



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