I Am Not Apart Of You

When you show up in front of me, into my space, in my presence showing your cracked, cracked, yellow, over bleached teeth trying to make Polite conversation KNOW… that I see you; I see through you.

A very short while ago you All participated in my HUNT/HUNTING ME DOWN. Lack of Respect, Morality, Common Decency; like the nasty little Hyenas that you are reaching, clawing for a piece of my flesh, drop of my blood. Spreading lies and rumors….of which most of you are still partaking in, even though…. Even-though The JIG Is Up; The Veil has been Lifted.

And yet, you have the nerve to show up in the FACADE of what you call a family-unit, speaking in so-called POLITE manners and acting as if you have any comprehension of what the word CIVILIZE means… SAVAGES, SCAVENGERS, REPLICATES don’t have the capacity to be CIVILIZE.

This FACADE of a bullshit we live in known as Planet Earth.. where Everything is Hidden, Manipulated, Backwards, Upside Downnnn. FALSE TRUTHS,FALSE GODS, FALSE HUMANS, FALSE SOCIATIEY, FALSE CULTURES, FALSE ETHNICITY’S, FALSE HISTORY (HIS-STORY), ALL FALSE.  These are all made-up shit to keep you in a Ca-te-gory, Within The Lines, UnDer Control. It’s all bullshit.

There are only Two kinds of beings on this plan/dimension/realm.  The creators/organic humans/main actors in this production, on this stage; Yes, STAGE.. and the non-creators/replicates/extras, SoulLess Fucks Who will do anything… to be on this stage/in this production for the experience…

I am Not apart of you; I am Not apart of your Facade of a Human Race…my people, your people; black people, white people, there are no people, just disease infested carcasses running around worshiping the GREENNN. Also known as your GOD.

I ReJect you; I ReJect this production/dramaturgy and the False Scripts/programs that are being played-out by Design/De-li-berately….

I am One/Solo/Sold/In-di-vidual. I Stand Alone.

I am Elvira…. The ONE!


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