Searching For JusTice


Where is Justice, Where does Justice fit into the creation process, How does Justice fit into the human experience and does it work the same in all the realms, dimensions, plans that exist.  It occurred to me last night lying in the driver’s seat of my car that I AM THE LIGHT; Wherever I go, Any space I enter, I Light it Up.  I Bring Light into the Shadow, the Dark which explains why everything is hidden from me; why people are hiding from me or panic when I enter an environment unexpectedly.

Everything and everyplace I see is lit up and seen by everyone in all dimension/realms/plans and therefore becomes accessible to all.  So than the so-called three dimensional earth powers that Want-To-Be are trying to keep me from seeing the Truth, all Truths.

The one’s who are Purposely, Actively, Committing heinous crimes on this plan are afraid of me coming into their space naturally; it’s easy to do these heinous things within the shadow of their peers/partners in crime BUT, it’s different when all created souls in all realms and dimension see you for what you are.  So, where is Justice; I don’t see anything changing or anyone being held accountable for their crimes/actions.

Is Justice only served on 3D, and by three dimensional humans; are there no higher natural Laws that govern the space we occupied.  Does Justice fall under the Free-Will zone of Physical earth.  If so and if everything in creation is free will and the evolution progression in this realm is meanly to collect the most materialistic wealth; the haves and haves not/those who eat and those who starve…. What’s the point because I can complete that whole process in under ten minutes playing Mario Brothers; But this canNot be.

JusTice is anything the Light touches because it is now seen, real/brought into ReaLity.  It/they may not get convictions, reparations but the Truth is now known and the wind carries it to all the corners of the earth/matrix/omniverse and So It Is.  It Exist. We are the Light when we are unafraid to see all truths, we light up the shadow parts of humanity; we then become JusTice.



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