America The Great


    Welcome to America, America the Great
Your welcome packet includes all this

First: A doctor’s visit for your wellbeing and hypnosis/MK-Ultra

Second: Sexual assault to make sure hypnosis/MK-Ultra is working

Third: Social Security # so we can add you to the slave program, Federal Reserve Bank/Strawman on the stock market

 Fourth: Social services so we can track/monitor your
every move/progress and adjust it to our liking/suppression

Fifth: Vaccinations to kill brain cells and change the body chemistry keeping DNA capped at 2 strand ~instead of  the original angelic human 12 Strand DNA “Diamond Sun DNA”.

Sixth: School to BrainWash and indoctrinate you into the 3D system

Seventh: Popular media to Dumb you down, much easier to control..

Eight: Home faucets drinking water filled with fluoride…solution to corrode your organs and arteries

Ninth: Steroid hormones in foods/animals to distort/manipulate genetics and emphasize the reptilian brain

Tenth: Push for consuming animals and animal products; to make you comfortable seeing and living in a state of abuse/slaughter

Eleven: Design abusive police killings; to keep you under control, in fear and to gage your response and obedient to authority

Twelve: Design school shootings, false flags; real and fake drills to keep you in a state of shock/unable to act. Controlling your outer world to gain your full support in order to make More New Laws to control and take your perceived Rights, Powers away.

Thirteen: Lab created diseases/ailments; to keep your mind/body/spirit under constant strain; much easier to believe authority/doctors and do whatever you are told.

Welcome to America, America the Great: The Hub of 3rd/4th dimensional scripted productions.  Yes, the whole world is a STAGE!


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