Stay out of National Parks

The reason why so many people especially children vanish out of national parks and are never found is because the controllers of this dimension made a deal with certain species such as the Real Grays (not the little government made robots) and the Reptilians (whom supposedly are genetic genius) for inter-dimensional technologies and what they perceived to be knowledge that makes all national parks a Free Take Zone.  This means that these species can take anyone from these parks for their genetic breeding or genetic experiments and nothing will be done about it.  If one has done any research they would know that there usually isn’t enough records kept about these vanishing nor any investigation done by the national park services or the government even though they say they are investigating; the investigation goes nowhere, it stays a Cold Case and these agencies don’t usually speak about it.

There are some information that these species may be kidnapping themselves or genetic down-line/bloodline and not just anyone however, there are positive and negative in all species so it seems like both is being done in my opinion; many of the people whom were returned say that they were taken Against their Free Will.  They have some disconnected memories but most of their memories have been wiped out.  Some say they may be coming from a dimension of a timeline they went down were that species may be dyeing out because of genetic mutation or transhumanism and that is why they are coming into this one for the genes, not sure if this is true on not but manipulation and mind wiping has been used on the beings in this realm for many years without them truly knowing why; just confusion.  What I know for sure is that these beings aren’t from the future or the past as time is simultaneous; all time and spaces are happening simultaneously.  We are living in the past and future at the same time; the previous lives we lived is still happening simultaneously as this now moment we are in.  So these beings are coming from the other dimensions, timelines into this 3rd/4th dimension and tinkering with the genes of the beings here.

We are living in a multidimensional matrix and live in a dimension were the beings has been kept unconscious to the true knowledge of it as well as the species that occupied these spaces.  I came to learned all of this during my spiritual awakening when the veil was lifted and the all-knowing, the Christ within, (3rd eye) opened and was activated.  I came to know the true nature of what is and has been happening in these realms; mostly on the negative side sadly.  During research I found confirmation by others whom were either in the Milab, Super Soldier programs, hybrids and those involve with military alien genetic labs as well as investigations done by independent investigators.  STAY OUT OF NATIONAL PARKS!


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