What is going on

There are so many celebrities in Hollywood with children whom are Trans, how come such a small area have so many trans children.  Social engineering, child abuse, celeb paid to advertise trans gender agenda?  Programing for the next phase?



It feels like many souls have already transition out of 3rd, 4th into the upper dimensions and that is most likely why there are so many BioBots, syntheticas and clones to replace the bodies that have left.

Where are we going

The phases and cycles of the holographic contruct is what they call reincarnation in my opinion; going around in circles from phase to phase and back again.  An example would be the stages of the Yuga wheel which goes from Satya yuga to Treta Yuga to Dvapara Yuga to Kali Yuga and back to Satya Yuga again.  They say the next stage is the golden age; I don’t care how much gold they’ve got and I will politely decline, not interested in circles only spirals. One can go into the next stage with their memories intact or completely wiped and I believe this is based on whether one wakes up to see the illusionary production system of this realm (duality, fear, false control ext.), purge and intergrade or not quite able to pierce the veil.

The progression path is that of the spiral; moving up the ladder or levels, coming to know who you really are.  What ascension requires is that you pull all your selves together and get them out of density one and two.

Everyone is on their own journey within the collective travel; we are also in different realms and realities.  What’s confusing for most people is that they think just because someone is next to them or on the television that everyone is in the same reality and experiencing the same.  No, we are not.  I give the example that in 3rd dimension there are 9 realms or levels, you are in the realm and level you resonate with.  Your other selves are in other realms, realities or maybe in the same realm but different countries.  Example would be the ongoing killings in Chicago which is only separated by a couple blocks from areas with no crimes.  It’s also blood rituals but that’s another topic.  I lived in Chicago in late 2015-2016 for 5 months only blocks away from where all of this was happening and never saw or interacted with any of it.  You can work with others and within groups however you are on your own journey, you are not a singularity.

When I talk to people about 5G, directed-energy weapons, gang stalking, mass mind control, hand-held devises, chemtrails, vaccines, Posen Foods, Pharmaceuticals, drinking water etc. it’s not to create fear, its to informed them of what is so they will recognise it when it appears.  They always say to me why would the Cabal/deep state, Illuminati, Brotherhood(these are just names must people use) do this when they are also here with us and will be affected by it too especially when speaking about the chemtrails, food and water.  Well they are not here/there with you, they and their families are in the low 4th dimension which is part of the deal of joining these groups whom work with low levels negative polarity entities whom only agenda seems to be degradation and to stop human evolution; they get to live in the 4th dimension or a parallel realm.  So no, they are not and will not be affected by these things in the same way the general public is and will.  They are not eating the same foods as you, drinking the same water or visiting/getting the same medical treatment as you.

Don’t be fearful or go crazy buying a lot of stuff; you don’t really need anything outside of yourself however we are not all in perfect alinment so some of these may help.

5G frequency band: mimicking organic ascending frequency coming down into the realm.  Its trying to stop the human vessel from implementing these frequencies; they will also try, been using it as a means to strike the population via wi-fi diveses such as cell phones and 5G towers meaning directly through the phone from afare.

Chemtrails: having nano bots also clogs the human vessel from implementing, accepting these ascending upgrade frequencies. Some say activated charcole, chlorella and spirulina detoxifies heavy metels, radiation and support your immune system…..

Food: pesticides, hormones and other forms of poisons does the same to the body.  Eat non animal products because everything the animal injest will go into your blood cells.  There is also human dna mix in with packaged, fast foods and hybrids; the pink pig everyone eats as port and baccon is a hybrid mix with human dna, thats why pig heart is use for human heart transplant.  It was most likly created for non human races who eats flesh so they don’t eat the humans.  Dairy creates mucus in the body; I eat a lot of breads because I’m not in a place to cook and its usually less than 5 ingredians pita stone ground. Just do your best……….



Swimming in the Dome

The dam brook and the dome is flooding.

The dome is in/under water and everything in it is holographic, asleep and blinded by the light, can’t see the true nature of things.  When something in the dome starts to wake up, the security octopus comes down and uses its tentacles to extract what’s causing the wake-up.  Swimming octopus everywhere.

What are we collecting

It’s a collection race of sorts………… experience and all……used for negotiations, bargaining, trading…..

Races~species within this 3/4 dimensional hologram such as Arcturians, Ebens, Mantis and are all here for different purposes, agendas and missions.  Some may be in a realm all their own surrounded by non souls and agents of the system as in “its your realm”.  It seems to be an agenda of everything, a school, prison, experiment etc.  As there are different phases and cycles to the hologram which is running in a circular motion for the souls whom are not advancing also known as the reincarnation cycles; it’s a spiral for the one’s moving up the levels, ladder, consciousness and there are also different phases to the avatars each soul travels in.

We transition from species to species as the avatar changes with the phases, levels, consciousness and that each soul experience a life as a different races~species to have a whole full spectrum experience of what its like to travel in that vessel, DNA strand and bloodline of a particular specie in a different phase, level.  Our avatars are monitor and change all the time we just don’t know it or remember like what is happening now with the human anatomy; the heart-moving from the left side of the body into the middle of the chest which is adjusting for the next phase, cycle and chakras activating to create the light body for the one’s in a spiral of progression.

So we have all or most of us have been or on our way to being all of these different species~races on earth and beyond and carry parts of those DNA and blood with us into the next phase as we accumulate more, more, more.  Paying rent of sorts for being in this realm or is it a longevity thing.  Since we are consciousness having a physical experience than it’s all for the experience and/or Right to keep the experience and all collected including the makeup of the different avatar races during each phase, level which is added to the pot of whichever tribe one is in on a cosmic level and ultimately leading to the whole of creation.

Who knows……………us……..get memories and we will……


Is It


Compassion is seeing God the created source in everything and everyone including the pedophiles; point out the dark deeds they are doing and document without attachment as it is and has been taking place.  So, fall in love with the created source and yourself as God is within.  Have compassion for the suffering of others including yourself to not continue to suffer.