New Earth vs Jacob’s Ladder

Is there a difference between new earth and just moving up the ladder in terms of increasing one’s state of consciousness?

I believe there is; the worlds new earth, 5D is being merge together which can be misleading if you think they are talking about the same thing but when I listen to people talk about new earth, its sounds like a separate realm being created on the side by a spirit and all whom which to go and have that experience can do so by participating.  There is nothing wrong with this if its your choice.  Realms are created via energy like everything else so to create a new realm, a lot of people need to participate via giving their energies as co-creators to bring it into fruition.

And than there is the organic path of what I call Jacobs ladder which is just the levels/dimensions of the matrix which is already created and in place with people living in those states of consciousness.  All states of consciousness also represents kingdoms; each state of consciousness is a kingdom meaning people who share that state of consciousness.  The dimensions seem to be separated in sections of threes such as Tesla 3,6,9 which seems to indicate 1,2,3 being 3D, 4, 5, 6 being 6D and 7,8,9 being 9D; 11 and 12 are good-hood for that section of twelve.  There is another set of twelve above this section and depending on whom you talk/listen to the dimensions goes up to 44 maybe infinite.  We are all in the same radio just resonating on different stations.

The point I’m trying to make is that there seems to be two different paths being merge into one as if they are the same.  The organic path and new earth which seems like a separate realm created on the side for a specific experience.  If you do go off your path for an experience which is perfectly fine as long as you know which is which, you will have to wait for another 26,000 years or so to rewind and start from this point again to get back onto that path or come back in as in reincarnation.  So just make sure you know which is which and how to navigate.  This is just a feeling I have as I’m trying to navigate my way through this process and thought maybe others are feeling the same so this is my thought process on it.  I have dealt with a lot of frequency mind control and gaslighting; the one’s called the archons seems to be nothing but tricksters.  Please don’t take this as Fact, do your own research and go with what resonate with you………

Edit: Here is a link to a diagram that’s very helpful in explaining the different states of consciousness, it takes a while to go over everything but it explains a lot. I haven’t seen it in a while so I’m doing a go-over.  Sometimes your head gets clutter with so much that you have to step away and try to find the basic’s again.


Missing: What Was Her Name

Something else that happened in my environment super bowl weekend was a homeless/houseless woman disappearing in the middle of the night and have not been seen since than.  I have stayed in that location for about six months and have seen her every night sleep in the same location and have spoken to her on several occasions.  Friday morning which was the 1st of February around 3am she was collecting and smashing cans and bottles for recycling I presume.  Around 6am my mother give her some bread and a dollar; she only had six and kept five for gas.  She did not want to take it, she was embarrassed I had to convince her that my mother wanted her to have it.  It was grey, cloudy and rained heavily from Friday throughout the weekend in southern California accompany by lighting.  Friday night my mother said hello to her and she responded with thank you for the breakfast.  She has not been seen since that time; her things are still in the same location where she usually sleeps like a museum, has not been touched.  Early Saturday morning the police was called because someone went into the bathroom and saw a baby stroller; the police walked by me and asked if I knew of anyone in that area with a baby, I responded with a know however explained to them that a lady sleeps in there and does carry strollers for her things.  I asked if anything was wrong they responded with no, just looking for someone, thank you and walked away laughing.

Saturday night we notice that she was gone but her things were still there; Sunday morning she was still gone.  Homeless people don’t leave their things behind and walk of in the middle of the night in a storm.  At this point I remember a dream, vision, or remote viewing I had that night because the situation now seems more serious.  I heard and saw a middle age white women standing in front of the bathroom stall saying “it’s wet and cold here, I have a warm place for you”.  I could not see her features just an outline but enough to know she was a middle age caucasian woman.  Monday night I spoke with the police and informed them of her missing; they did not seem to concern, transient is the word they use for her and said people like that move around all the time; nothing they can do.

I bring this up because I am all too aware of the dark side of this matrix; my awakening has not been Love and Light, in fact it has been nothing shy of walking through the realms of the shadow of death.  I know of the sadistic side of super bowl weekend being the most human trafficked weekend of the entire year.  Homeless people are the most targeted people for satanic rituals because no one goes looking for them, even when you have information about the person it’s not likely the police will find anything and I won’t pretend that most police departments are not under the control of freemasonry; I have spoken and written about this before but mostly focused on children.  Middle age white women are the heads of these trafficking rings because they are seen in society as trustworthy; no one suspect anything when they see a middle age white woman with lots of children and/or other women, this concerned me of my dream, vision, remote viewing.  Thousands of people, children go missing every year without notice…….I don’t know what has happen to her, I hope she is okay and this is just a case of “transient”. I speak about this because she is a person (real or not) that was there, I saw and spoke to whom has now disappeared without a trice.  She would never tell me her name………

I realize I have allowed my caring and kindness to be taken advantage of greatly by both the so-called light side and dark side; frequency mind control.  I cannot undo what I have come to learned about what’s going on in this matrix especially when it happens in my space.  Take it for what it is……

Update: She came back on the 7th or so of March, she did not say where she had been and I did not push.  She is in better health than ever it seems and more communicated.  Wherever she went, she was taken good care of; I now feel/know it was all a PSYOP just glad she’s safe.  Life is stranger than fiction I tell you.


Super Bowl and Celestial Bodies

I don’t watch nor care about American football however this super bowl was the first time I notice how important the game is in terms of relating celestial news to the people down here; bulletin board going out.  What I mean by this is I have been activated since 2015, have time jump a zillion times in different realms amongst different beings; agents of the system, volunteer souls, handlers, watchers, non reals, etc.  I am very aware that people around me know way more about this matrix than I do at this time being that I am the one on the journey so as I was driving around this super bowl weekend and notice how empty the streets were outside, I started to ask the question……………

Why would people who already have the layout of the script running in this holographic realm participate in things that are used for spells, sorcery, and conjuring spirits via sucking the energies from the ones watching and participating; unintentionally giving permission to be used for whatever dark rituals the negative polarity are conjuring.  I am in California, the capital hub of all things dark rituals so-they-say and on the lay-line.  The weather was kept cold and the sky dark gray……..Since the blood moon of January the energies have been very intense at lease for me and I know there have been a Lot taking place in the cosmos……..

So giving what’s going on with the shifting of consciousness and the names of the teams playing in the super bowl which is not a coincident (Patriots vs Rams); to me the patriots represents the patriarchal want-to-be control system and the Ram represents the people and/or the divine realms, people finding divinity.  I than realize that the game represents what’s happening with the celestial bodies in the cosmos (fighting for space) which is essentially what’s going on down here; it affects the decision made by the kingdoms (beings in different states of consciousness) as to how the intervention is to take place……. assist in this realm.

People are watching the game for different reasons; the ones who truly knows what this matrix is are watching for the cosmos bulletin board for what’s happening up there and rooting for their celestial body which will affect what happens down here and the rest are just following the program.  disclaimer ….. “this is what I heard…..*its open source, open access meaning that it’s mind to mind mitigated so if you through signals of any type of distorted panic, anger and frustration, your access gets revoked and/or reduced* so be careful of how and what you think, say or do otherwise you won’t go to heaven”.  Edit…just to make sure this is understood…be honest and trust yourself and what FEELS right to and for you not worrying so much about others rules of how and who gets into heaven…higher consciousness realms……



Mother*Ship Over*Me 4th of Feb 2019

On the 3rd of February I saw a video of artificial clouds covering what they thought was a mothership.  Early morning on the 4th of February which was the new moon, I woke up to the most elaborate fake clouds over my head which were similar to their video except even more elaborate with artificial rainbow color strips and an outline of something behind which felt like a ship.  The artificial colors is a deed giveaway of fake created clouds.  Seeing and feeling ships above is nothing new for me, at the beginning of my awakening I saw cloud cities all the time which I called tourists because I knew they were ships from the other realms visiting to see how we live down here.  It’s just like going to a big city and taking a tourist bus for sight seeing.

There is no reason to be afriad of any of this just know that the matrix is starting to present itself for what it actally is, an artificial holodeck.  You are not in Kansas anymore…………………. The more you know and see how all of this is sripted and created; all numbers, sequances and codes the less fear you will have.  I still get frustrated but it’s more rejection than anything.

There is a ling to a video below that shows how these clouds are created which is for the propuse of hiding what is actually above us or inside of us or both………….

Artificial cloud for rain



Here is an Idea~Thoughts**

Hi! My name is Fortune and I have written information below which only the Rhesus negative blood type individual will be able to decipher. The information I typed is confidential and specifically coded so that only the Rhesus negative individual will understand the ramifications of that which I wrote. The inherent super powers in Rhesus negative blood will allow the reader to overcome mortal boundaries after they read the following information. The Rhesus negative blood individual will be able to intuitively verify whether or not the information I present below applies to the Rhesus negative blood individual who is currently living on earth ‘s hologram matrix in the year 2015, February. Please feel free to pass this information I wrote to all Rhesus negative blood individuals you know.
My message follows:
The truth is always stranger than fictionDecember 9, 2014
In the past, life was governed according to the following rule:
“There is only one choice in the cosmos, what is life enhancing and what is not.”
Now, in 2014, life has evolved such that there is now a new rule:
“There is only one choice in the cosmos, what is life enhancing and what is more life enhancing. What is life enhancing to One, benefits all.”
If you feel that it is life enhancing to you, you may choose to forward the below enclosed material:
My name is Fortune and I am a member of the Vegan Elite.
I was never born.
The truth is always stranger than fiction.
I am a professional time traveler and I appeared on earth’s hologram matrix with an appearance of a 13 year old female human complete with an adopted family and all members of the adopted family have memory implants to think that the mother gave birth to me and that I am genetically related to the family members.
You may already know that all members of the human species have 144 DNA strands and the current technology on earth’s hologram matrix is so inadequate that the technology can only detect 2 of the 144 DNA strands.
I have the physical appearance of a human being but I have 300 DNA strands which means I am a completely different species from human beings.

The proper genealogy of life is that Prime Creatress of All Life (note the female conjugation of the word Creatress because the female births all life) created the human species eons before the alien species who populate the other planets were ever created. The human species is the parent, the aliens are the descendants of the human race. The truth is always stranger than fiction.
The aliens call the humans the PATAL which means parent, progenitor. The crop circles are the attempts by the descendants of the human species to warn the humans or communicate with the humans. Some crop circles warn of treachery against the human species.
If you look outside your window at the sun in the sky, you are looking at a hologram Sun. Translation: the sun in your earth sky is fake.
In 2005, almost a decade ago, earth departed the solar system that contained the sun and the planet’s such as Saturn, Venus and Pluto.
For nearly a decade humanity has been blind to the fact that earth has a completely new address in the cosmos. Humanity is the only one in the cosmos that does not know that earth is now located somewhere else in the cosmos.
Earth sits stationary in the center and there are 12 stationary masculine planets and 12 stationary feminine planets and earth is in the center.
All astrology is now obsolete that derives it’s power from the old solar system planets of Jupiter, Mars etc.
Most humans see a hologram sky when they look at the night constellations. But some humans can see the new sky that is not fake by just using their naked eye.
If you look at the night sky at Orion’s Belt constellation most people with their naked eye see the old constellation formation of Orion’s Belt which is fake and a hologram.
If you look at the Orion’s Belt with your naked sky you will see that most of the stars are absent in the Orion’s Belt constellation of the not-fake, not- hologram sky. Most of the Orions rebelled against Prime Creatress of All Life many years ago and Prime Created of All Life  simply annihilated the rebellious Orions. There are now just two species of loyal Orions remaining . When Prime Creatress annihilated the rebel Orions, Prime Creatress obliterated the stars and planets hence the correct configuration of the Orion’s Belt constellation is missing many stars now in the not- hologram configuration.
I have mentioned that Prime Creatress created The human species eons before the alien species and thus the humans are the parents of all aliens.

My species has 300 DNA strands. My species is the parent of the human species, the grand parent of the alien species and Prime Creatress created my species eons before the human species. My species is written in the book of the Revelations in the Holy Bible. My species is referred to as the 144,000
The book of Genesis in the Bible  is merely a story about a laboratory experiment.
The Holy Bible is a story about Aliens and alien progeny that I describe below.
The God the Father of Truth mentioned in the old and new testament of the Holy Bible is better known as the greatest archenemy of Prime Creatress of All Life. The greatest archenemy of Prime Creatress of All Life is named “Number One.”
Number One masquerades as God the Father of Truth in the Holy Bible. Number One is an imposter in the Holy Bible. For Prime Creatress is the true God of Absolute Truth. Thus, Number One usurped the title of Prime Creatress and posed as the imposter God described in the Old and New Testaments of the Holy Bible.
For centuries, the human species Christians were praying to the archenemy of Prime Creatress of All Life since Number One was calling himself God the Father of Truth in the old and new testament of the Holy Bible. If your prayers to God were never answered it is because you were beseeching  the archenemy.
Number One has appeared and reappeared on earth throughout the eons.
Number One has a fetish for incarnating on earth as a ruler of great power.
Number One is better known as King Arthur. A handful of King Arthur’s (Number One’s) knights were good guys. The overwhelming majority of King Arthur’s (Number One’s) knights were sworn enemies of Prime Creatress of All Life.
Returning to the Book of Genesis of the Holy Bible. An alien fornicated with a primate and the primate was not a human species creature. Prime Creatress created the human species and the human species is very dear to Prime Creatress. But the alien laboratory experiment described in the book of Genesis was NOT sanctioned by Prime Creatress which means the laboratory experiment described in the book of Genesis created an alien primate abomination better known to you as Eve. Eve was the first child of the alien who had sexual intercourse with a primate, not Adam as your Holy Bible says. Adam came second. Eve and Adam then fornicated and gave birth to a line of alien primate abominations better known to you as the Adam Kadmom, descendants of Eve and Adam. The Adam Kadmom are the descendants of Eve and Adam. The Adam Kadmom are an illegal experiment NOT sanctioned by Prime Creatress of All Life. The Adam Kadmom are a completely different species from human species. Because the Adam Kadmom are alien primate abominations with a human physical appearance do not be fooled into thinking the Adam Kadmom are human species. The Adam Kadmom are killing the human species. The truth is always stranger than fiction.

Media Mystic and Esoteric Genius – Holger Oosthuizen (MUST WATCH !!!)

Learning about what we are existing in should not be feared; it’s okay to open our minds and know things, it does not require attachments only inner awareness.  We are living in a holographic time matrix that is not connected to the ultimate divine universe and its your responsibility to know, find the map and start your journey.  You don’t know because no one told you so when you start to hear, pay attention so that you may come to no.  Contrary to everyone running towards the light, you actually have to go through the dark to get into the light.  Don’t be afraid of the dark just balance it; can’t have light without the dark; I am speaking of energies.  Bringing things back into balance………

The dark being working your way through the time matrix with is the opposite of our divine selves to get to the organic universe which is in the other dimensions (states of consciousness).  Many people in our realm knows, has already build their merkaba (light/traveling body) and travels in and out of the realm all the time; no, we don’t need a spaceship we are already in one and just need to power it up.  Below is a video I came across which touched on several different points/topics that I thought were very important in how we are currently viewing this realm and maybe changing our perception in how it should be viewed.

None of this is ul·ti·mate, its pieces of information that will lead to more information; to open our minds and see past this realm.


What is Your Merkaba, and How do You Activate It?



Ascension or Transitioning Flu

This is a video I did on what is label “ascension flu” which I call “transitioning flu” because the only time I get it is when I shift in density usually shifting into a lower density.  When I shift into a lower density my body now have to adjust to the new environment and all the weight that comes with it because you are going from a lighter space into a denser one.  I will put a link below with some information about other symptoms people feel during the flu and what other causes may be.


These are some of the physical signs that you might feel during the flu.