Awakening Information

This realm is artificial, it’s a counterfeit of the real place where the real experience is taking place.  This 3D space is just entertainment for the Archons/Demigods and/or the ones on the other side of the veil; they think of it as a game.  It’s a living Simulated Hologram which can be shifted, molded and rearranged by the consciousness of the beings in it. That’s why there is so much mental and emotional manipulations (false flags) by the powers that be to control the storyline of the hologram.

It’s best to not follow anyone’s advise and just trust your own guidance during this process because nobody truly knows the Truth; we are all just regurgitating information someone else put out there that has some similarities to our experiences and which the system allows to be found.  Can’t even fully trust yourself within 3D (artificial space) since things can be put into and extracted out of you mind.  Yes, that’s how deep the hole goes.

Do what you feel is right for your cleansing; rage, scream, cry, write/speak your truth.  I would mostly focus on Consciousness, going within to become whole (collecting your fractal bodies), staying positive which will help raise your frequency and help you have a smoother transition.  However, I’m not sure if one could come to see this illusion for what it truly is without knowing some of these things; we do live in a duality so while you are not to fall into it you can’t only know of the light without knowing of the dark, otherwise you would be lopsided. If you can do this strictly from within without outside influence, much better (live in remote area without Wi-Fi). All this stuff you come to learn about called the truth is a double edge sword; you can’t step out of the program without knowing some of these things but you can get trigger and trapped in these which will take you down that specific timeline so be very, very cautious.

These information’s are meant to show you how distorted what you have been told about yourself, his-story and this realm truly is.  You are Not to get stuck in any of these topics/shops/programs.  You are to go through them, get what you need to open your eyes and continue on your journey. Stay out of the fear, stress and duality zone. Focus on Consciousness; no mater how much you learn you still don’t know anything.  Keep Moving…………………..

The first things you can do is clean your vessel which will help you download faster in your awakening.

*Drink distilled water: Tt does not have any fluoride in it; fluoride is not good for you otherwise they would not be required to wear hazmat suites to put the fluoride into the drinking water tank.    Andrew Norton Webber

*Stop eating processed food and animal products: This is personal but eating things that was once occupied by living beings whom were killed in a fearful way is not likely to benefit you.

*DECALCIFYING your PINEAL GLAND: The third eye which would already be open at this point; I think this is how you are activated within this realm, you have the all-knowing (the Christ within).  John St. Julien

*Fasting dry/water: the cleaner your body the better you are able to get downloads and think clearer.  John  St. Julien

*Stop watching tel-e-vision (telling you what to think) and listening to popular radios (have subliminal messages), it’s mostly a  propaganda machine. Step out of their world.

*Sacred Geometry: the more you know about this realm the better/flower of life/complexity of the matrix.

*Get out of  religion, mostly churches (personal opinion) but I know all religion and spirituality writings have some truths but as with everything else its mixed with matrix lies. The one’s teaching the Bible don’t know anything about the Bible so you will only be learning programing. It’s all interconnected…..Science (mostly bullshit), religion, philosophy, spirituality, astrology, mathematics, etc.

These sites have a verity of topics to get you started. Get in and Get out; I only mention these because you most like wont be able to avoid these topics while you are searching for answers, at least in the beginning. Whatever feels wrong, makes you feel fear, stress or anxiety leave it and move on.

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